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Golf Catcher

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Disc Golf Tournament Poster

This project was inspired by a group of friends that I play disc golf with. We manage a local Disc Golf Association and hold biannual tournaments in the city. My colleague, Karen, asked if the poster could feature the chains of a disc golf catcher being smashed. I took on the challenge and attempted to recreate an Innova disc cather in CG using Blender 2.6, and I was very surprised that the environment was friendlier than ever and that Cycles renderer was built in to provide a realistic look.

This poster is completely CG with a photo used as an environment map.

Above is a final render that was proofed by the group. In hind sight I would remap the texture on the chin links, and added a little motion blur and camera distortion, but for a free project, this was good enough.

The two renders above were early tests done in Blender 2.6. I added the chains as rigged objects using the Blender Game Engine, duplicated the systems multiple times then allowed the chains to fall on each other producing this composition. I then worked with the depth of field of the Cycles camera and got these results. Once the environment map was in, and I saw how Blender was performing, I never looked back at any other 3D package.

This is the artwork that we got printed on the discs for the tournament. Since I had this completed in Illustrator, it was easy to use it as a planar texture in the 3D project. I love seeing things that don’t exist come to life in CG